Wednesday, August 5, 2009

List for after Finals

Soooo I have been studying for exams and haven't had time to make anything ... well I made s'mores cookies but haven't uploaded the pictures yet soo they will also come after finals when I make more things again.

On the list so far is:
-Pumpkin cheesecake for my sister
-Rainbow star cake for my Krystle :)
-Red velvet cheesecake for Agusta
-Red velvet cupcakes for me ( or maybe Greg's house warming)
-Spinach Laced Brownies...I need to know if you can taste the spinach!
-Lemon Poppy seed pound cake ( cause I forgot to take pictures before and I loooove lemon and poppyseed)

I'm sure there are more I just cant think of it at the moment :)
Hopefully that makes you want to come take a peek after the weekend of the 15th :)