Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well, when are we ever going to get summer?

I woke today to the sound of the rain beating off the house, the bedroom window to be exact. I am feeling uninspired. I would love to make something new but there is nothing that I have seen that I just need to make and need to taste.
I threw together a mini lasagna last night for supper but that was not worth making a blog about but I suppose I have brought it up so I can post a picture(when I get them uploaded). The man was in a rush last week and had to run back to work almost as soon as he was home so I threw together a meaty spaghetti sauce so we would have a nice meal. There was still some sauce left over so while at the supermarket he suggested that we have lasagna with the leftovers. Sure! I said, why not? so that is what I did yesterday. I usually mix spinach in with my cheese layer but we didn't have any, but we did have spinach noodles so I used those and a cottage cheese, parmesan and cheddar mixture for my middle layer. All in all it was pretty tasty, the flavours settle in better when you leave a sauce for a few days, the spices get spicier just the way I like them.
Back to my original topic... I need some inspiration! Something that makes me want to bake up a storm. Is there something that inspires you? is there one recipe you see that makes you just want to smell the particular item baking in your kitchen all throughout your house? If there is, please share I would love to be inspired by your inspiration :)

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